Freitag, 10. Januar 2014

Saroh´s hair chalking experience

As I have noticed that there are a few readers from english speaking countries, so I decided to somehow translate my post about hair chalk. (How disappointing it must be to google and get a German post about it)

I saw a lot of cute posts on pinterest and pictures of girls with wonderful pastel hair (lots of them have normal dip-dyed or photoshopped hair, definitely no hair chalk!), so I decided to give it a try.

I loved the idea of showing up with cute pastel hair on the next party :)

Because I am a lazy person, I tried chalking my hair with normal chalk that I used to draw with in my art course. (Some internet sources claim that they have just the same ingredients...) 
But as I have used my expensive "Faber-Castell" chalk, normal hair chalk would be cheaper though.

Here´s the Youtube tutorial that I have watched before I got started:

I have very dark brown hair with blonde ombré, perfect sample ;)

Sooo important: Wear an old shirt,  it will get dirty.

For the first try at home I chose red, green and blue chalk. I sprayed some water on the desired sections and started chalking them. Only with wetting my hair there was hardly any chalk remaining on it, so I put the chalk piece under water (It really helped).

So there are different opinions about combing your hair with chalk in it. As my hair was such a mess after chalking it, I combed it while it was still wet. You shouldn´t comb it after it has dried (It will fade like hairspray). 

In the end the color was on my shirt, on my neck, in my face, on my hands... 

When the hair has dried, you´re supposed to fix the color with heat (curling wand, flat iron). I decided to straighten my hair and to put some waves in it. (the color was on my flat iron...) After that: hairspray.

To see if the color will go on my shirt I changed my clothes and - who would have guessed- my shirt got blue in some parts -.-

I was not really convinced by the result, it looked more like those spraying colors that are used for halloween. But visible on my dark hair. Some people complained that the color remained for weeks on blonde hair, I had no problems after washing my blonde ends. Please use old towels, washing your hair will be a colorfull mess!

I can´t imagine to go out with my girls an leave blue stains everywhere!!!

So here´s the result (I only had time for a picture with my smartphone - the colors were more intensive!)

I´ll try to get real hair chalk from ebay ( most of the products are sold in the U.S.), maybe there´s really a difference and I´ll get better results.

I´m dreaming of pastell pink hair - we´ll see :)

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