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Reindeer Mug Warmer Crochet Pattern

Maybe not a very functional present, but isn´t it cute? ;)

Basic pattern mug warmer:

Using my Boshi yarn and a 7 mm hook
4 Buttons

I won´t count here, as you´ll have to adjust it to your cup (don´t worry, it won´t be hard)

Chain around your cup, add ch3
R1: dc in 4th st from hook, dc in each st., turn
R2: Ch3, dc in each st, turn

Repeat R2 until desired height, cut yarn, sew in ends

Create 2 pieces: Ch 5, Add Ch 4, tc in 5th from hook, tc each, cut yarn sew in ends.
Apply buttons and use 2 pieces to hold mug warmer together.

Reindeer-head: using brown yarn, safety eyes, fibre fill, hook 3,5

Magic circle, sc 6, start each round with ch1(chain 1), end with slst (slip st.), sc between increases (inc)
R1: inc each (12)
R2: inc every 2nd st
R4: inc 3rd
R6: inc 4th
R7: inc 5th
R8-12: sc each
R13: dec 6th
R14: dec 5th
R15: dec 4th
Apply eyes to head and start filling with fibre fill
R16: dec 3rd
R17: dec 2nd
R18: dec each, cut yarn and sew hole 

Mouth: using brown yarn (start every round with ch1, end with slst)

R1: Ch 3
      sc in 1st from hook, sc, sc 3 in last
      sc, sc 2 in last (8)
R2: sc 3, 3sc in 4th st, sc 3, 3 sc in last st (12)
R3: sc 4, 2 sc in next 2, sc 4, 2sc in next 2 (16)
R4-5: sc each
R6: dec 4th, sc last 2 (13)

fill and apply to head

Nose, using red yarn (start every round with ch1, end with slst)

Magic circle, sc 5
R1: inc each (10)
R2-3: sc each (10)
R5: dec each

apply to mouth

Ears, create 2
Using brown

R1: Ch3, sc 3, turn
R2: Ch1, sc1, inc, sc1, turn
R3: Ch1, sc each, turn
R4: Ch1, sc, dec, sc, turn
R5: Ch1, dec, sc, turn
R6: Ch1, dec

sc tight around the edge of ear to get a nice edge and a round shape, apply to head

Horns, create 2:

Using darker or lighter brown yarn

R1: Ch 5, sc in 2nd from hook, sc 2 (3), turn
R2-9: Ch1, sc each, turn
R10: Ch1, sc, hdc, dc, turn 90°
R1: sc 3 on side, turn
R2-4: sc each
R5: sc all 3 together

Now slip st on edge until you reach the middle to creat smaller part of horn (i hope you understand what i mean)
Sc 3
sc 3
Sc all 3 together.

apply to head, sew head to mug warmer, fill with hot chocolate :)

Items made from this pattern may not be sold.

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